Bass Drum Mallets marching, concert
Gong Mallets
Timpani Mallets
Sticks - snare, tenor, multi, Bret Kuhn
Mallets - Ross, chime hammers and more!
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Bass Drum Mallets

CB-1 Bass Drum Mallet - extra large


FBX-1 Bass Drum Mallets - tapered


CB-2 Bass Drum Mallet - soft


CB-3 Bass Drum Mallet - medium


CB-5 Bass Drum Mallets - rollers


CB-4 Bass Drum Mallet - hard


CB-6 Bass Drum Mallet - chamois


CG-1 Gong Mallet


Gong Mallets

CG-2 Gong Mallet


GT Timpani Mallets - 1 to 4


Timpani Mallets

CT Timpani Mallets - 1 to 5


FS-BK Bret Kuhn Snare Sticks



FS-BK2 Bret Kuhn "Velocity" Snare Sticks


FS-2M Marching Multi-Stick


FT-1 Multi-Tom Mallet Synthetic


TS-1 Multi-Tom Drum Stick


Bret Kuhn FS-BK3 "Momentum" Snare Sticks


IP-5AX Xylo or Bell Combo Stick


IP-5AT Timpani/Snare Combo Stick


TS-2 Multi-Tom Stick, Nylon Bead


IP-1M Multi-Percussion Stick


ENS260R Latex Covered Mallets - Rattan


AA Vibe Mallets - all models