Mallet Wrapping

Rubber Balls
Poly Balls
PVC Balls
Birch & Rattan Shafts
Shipping, Payment, Glue

I'm watching the yarn go 'round and 'round!


1" Oval Mallet Core


1 1/8" Round Rubber Mallet Core



1" Round Polyball - White


1 1/8" Round PVC - Grey


1 1/8" Round Polyball - Blue


Rattan Shaft - 15 1/2"


Birch Shaft


Not included in costs of balls, basic freight charge is now $8.50. All orders shipped UPS ground or Priority Mail unless otherwise specified.

Include check for goods and shipping with order. Checks payable to:
Advantage Network Inc. Attn: Kevin Lepper 47 W. Polk St., Ste 100 Box 402, Chicago, IL 60605-2085

Suggested Glue: 

BSI (Bob Smith Industries) Gap Filling Insta-Cure+, purple label available at most hobby shops.

Prices subject to change without notice!!

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