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Kevin Lepper Percussion

Boomwhacker Bag

Three ways to order

1. Schools and Boosters

2. Individuals Using Zelle

3. Individuals Using Credit Card

I told you that you needed these!

Schools and Boosters (tax exempt organizations)

Place the order on Advantage Network web-site. 

No credit cards accepted

Basic price + Shipping

U.S. Sales only

Individuals using Zelle

Place the order on Advantage Network web-site.

Before sending Zelle payment, wait for details from Advantage Network concerning taxes and shipping.

Basic price + Tax + Shipping

U.S. Sales Only

Individuals using credit card

Contact Reverb using the link below

Basic Reverb Price + Tax + Shipping

U.S. Sales Only

Shipping and Taxes added by Reverb upon checkout

Individuals using credit card order process!

follow the order and check procedures

Reverb will add taxes per your state

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