Stick and Mallet Bags
Janson Payson Style Timpani Mallets
King Gong Mallets
Janson Payson Style Bass Drum Mallets
Bryan Carrott Vibe Mallets
Petrella Suspended Cymbal Mallets
Nancy Zeltsman Yarn Mallets
DiSanza, Mimura, Omori, Takada, Yu Yarn Mallets
Latex Wrapped Mallets

Need I say more!

Encore Concert Mallet Bag


Encore Large Mallet Bag


Janson/Payson Timpani Mallets - 104


Janson/Payson Timpani Mallets - 101,102,103


KG1 Gong Mallet - King Gong


KG2 Gong Mallet - Great Gorilla

Also Available: KG3 Articulate Ape; KG4 Monkey Rollers; KG5 Small Gong

Payson Bass Drum Mallet B1Sostenuto


Payson Bass Drum Mallets B2 Rollers


Payson Bass Drum Mallet B3 General


Petrella Sus. Cym. Mallets - General


Bryan Carrott Vibe Mallets


Petrella Sus. Cym. Mallets - Articulate


Zeltsman Yarn Mallets - Birch models 1-8


Zeltsman Yarn Mallets - Rattan models 1-8

Also available: DiSanza, Mimura, Omori, Takada, Yu models ($34.00pr birch, $38.40pr rattan) email for details

Latex Wrapped Mallets - Birch


Latex Wrapped Mallets - Rattan


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