Suspended Cymbals
Crash Cymbals

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If your school is not satisfied with their new SABIAN cymbal, you are now eligible for a 1-time exchange for a cymbal of the same size and same series within 30 days of purchase. To learn more, please visit:

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A good way to see what cymbals fit your needs go to the Sabian Sound Calculator

My arms can't move after playing cymbals!

Suspended Cymbals

Artisan Suspended 20"


XSR Suspended 18"


AAX Suspended 16"


HHX Suspended 18"


Crash Cymbals

Artisan Traditional Symphonic 18" - Medium Light


Synergy Crash Cymbals 20" HHX


New Symphonic Crash Cymbals - Germanic 18" HHX


XSR Crash Cymbals 20"


Marching Crash Cymbals 18" AA



Viennese Crash Cymbals 18" AA


B8X Crash Cymbals 18"


Hammered B8 Bronze Triangle 6"


Overture Triangle 6"


B8 Bronze Triangle 6"



Chinese Gong 34"


Symphonic Gong 26"


Zodiac Gong 28"



Orchestral Gooseneck Stand with base

Orchestral Gooseneck Stand with base

Small Gong Stand 22"-34"

Small Gong Stand 22"-34"


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