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Sticks and Mallets
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Purrrrrfect for any setting!

Snare Batter Heads

Small orders sometimes do not allow us to reach the "minimum order" from our vendors. We specialize in larger orders, making sure that you get the best price and delivery possible.

Hybrid Series Snare Batter Head 13" Grey


Hybrid Series Snare Batter Head 13" White


Hybrid-S Soft Series Snare Batter13" Black


Snare Side Heads

MX5 Snare Side Head 13"


MS3 Polyester Snare Side Head 13"


Hybrid Series Snare Side Head 13"


Tenor/Tom Heads

MX Tenor Head 10" - Frosty, Black, White


Corps Clear Tenor Head 10"


System Blue Tenor Head 10"


MEC2S Tenor Head 10"


Strata 1000 Concert Tom Head 12"


MX Bass Drum Head 22" - White


Bass Drum Heads

MX Bass Drum Head 22" -Black


Timpani Heads

Orchestral Timpani Head 26"


Strata Timpani Head 26"


Strata Concert Bass Drum Head 36"


Concert Bass Drum Head

Snare Stick - Jeff Ausdemore DC8


Snare Drum Sticks

Snare Stick -Scott Johnson DC17


Tenor Stick - Sean Vega TS8


Tenor Mallet ATA1 - alum/nylon cookie


Tenor Sticks and Mallets

Tenor Mallet ATA2 - alum/felt


Tenor Mallet ATA2S - alum/puffy